DIY Cross Tray for Candy for Baptism, Communion or Confirmation Parties

Simple Step-By-Step Instructions

created by April Zay of

Do you ever see something in a boutique or store and think, "I could make that."

Well, inspiration hit when I was trying to find a craft to include for my friend's child's First Communion party. And the result is this elegant and simple  cross tray she could use on her dessert table for the communion party. It didn't take too much time, and certainly fit the bill for her traditional cross themed occasion. We both were excited when we saw the finished tray! 

While there are a few supplies needed for this project, most can easily be found around the house, with a couple of items needed from your local craft store. 

Stuff You Need: 

Step 10. Place the strips around the inside edge of the tray, silver side facing out, and hot glue to hold the strips in place.

Step 11. Place your cross tray inside the outer tray. Fill the outer tray with a layer of coconut jelly beans.

Top the jelly beans with Champagne Bubble Gumdrops. Display your beautiful cross candy tray at your First Communion, Baptism or Confirmation party.

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