Green with Envy Graduation Party Theme

It's a once-in-lifetime event, so make it the party of a lifetime as you celebrate your child's huge accomplishment that has been years in the making! 

The first step to planning your party is deciding on a theme. Choosing your school's colors offer an easy solution to guide your decorating. And with any school, the high contrast of colors for your child's alma mater will make any celebration festive and still keep things simple. 

For our graduation party, we started with the school colors, and also added in touches from the sports our scholar played to help the display reflect who he is. This also added unique touches to our party, so it stood out from the drones of other parties we attended that only had school colors without any personal touches, or a commonly-used theme like "tassel worth the hassle".  

For this party, we showcased the green and white school colors and added a black accent color to help anchor our candy table. 

A simple plain white sheet served as the tablecloth, and another was used for the table backdrop. A black plastic table skirt offered the elegance we wanted for this party centerpiece but kept us within our budget. We ordered the skirt and the plastic streamer-cut curtain fro the background from Amazon. We were excited to also be able to order a personalized graduation banner from WH Candy, but choose to make our message work for all graduates since our guest of honor was having many friends attend our party.


While class officially may be over we were ready to celebrate with lots of class! But, we promise it won't take a valedictorian to make this party a simple success that all your friends and family will enjoy and remember for years to come. 

To add personal touches to our graduation dessert table, we focused on a couple of personalized items. Specifically, we choose the modern, bold "Grad 2017" Hershey chocolate bar wrappers to use as guest favors knowing the wrapper could be kept as a keepsake, and also got 2017 chocolate coins to use as table scatter. 

The gourmet mini Gigi's Cupcakes looked elegant in a raised dish on a plate lined with white shimmer Sixlets and our grad's favorite flavor of green apple rock candy sticks

To ensure we had plenty of variety and a treat for any palette, we ordered bulk Hershey Kisses in green foil, green and black Just Candy milk chocolate mini gems that taste very close to that more-famous "M" brand (who shall not be named) and made for an easy way to display additional rock candy sticks, green apple sour fruit balls that were soft and tangy, green and black foil-wrapped caramel-filled chocolate balls that tasted like they should've cost a fortune, and black & green gumballs that prompted the recent grads to get in touch with their inner child and hold an impromptu bubble blowing contest causing lots of laughs!  

When choosing dishes for all of our goodies, we went to a couple local thrift stores and easily found stands and containers that matched or at least complimented well for a pulled-together and intentional look to the glassware. When it came time to set up our dessert table, we quickly learned that the varied height made the best presentation, so we kept the tallest stands to the back and the shorter ones in the front. Also, we found a thin wired foil-star decoration that gave the front of the table a little more shimmer, and seemed to dress the black table skirt to make it a little more elegant. 

It was a party that was truly exceptional, both form the occasion and from the candy buffet. We received so many compliments and great comments about the dessert table and it became a wonderful gathering place at the party for small groups and conversation. This green and white graduation party was one that will be remembered fondly for a long time. 

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