Angry Birds Mason Jar Craft

Colorful, Easy DIY Angry Birds Mason Jars Craft

with FREE Printables!

crafted by Jacquelynn Cowles

This DIY mason jar craft is perfect for your flock's birthday party activity, and doubles as a wonderful party favor. Or, the bright colors of this craftivity cheer a rainy day at home! And since little hands love to find their way into the candy jar, these birds are perfect to keep candy and small treasures safe.


Stuff You Will Need

  • Free download printable of Angry Bird eyes, beaks and feathers (Links are in the steps below.)
  • Your favorite candies. We used yellow M&Ms, and blue and red Hershey Kisses candies to color coordinate with the birds
  • Glue (tacky glue sticks best)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sponge Brushes
  • Scissors
  • Clear Mason Jars with lids in 8 or 12 oz. 

Step 1: Get Your FREE Printables

Download the free printables to cut out your birds' eyes, beaks and feathers

To do this, click on the hyperlink for each. Once the window with the image is open, right click on the image, and click "save as" to choose the location for the file in your computer. 

It may save time later for you to print these sheets out as you click to/downoad them. Whether just saved, or printed out, set these pages aside for now.

Step 2: Painting Your Mason Jars

Remove the lids from the jars. Paint each mason jar the color of your favorite Angry Bird. 

Also paint the lid while it is off of the jar, so it doesn't stick. It can be put back on once the paint has dried. 

This way, you can open the jar to fill it with candy and small toys later for the perfect party favor.

Step 3: Time to Cut Out Your Printables

While the paint is drying, now is a great time to cut out your printables for your Angry Bird eyes, beak, and head-and-tail feathers. Little hands may need help with cutting these out. If you're doing this as an activity at a kids' party, depending on the age of the attendees and how many adults will be there to assist with cutting, you may wish to cut a bunch of face features out ahead of time.

As a tip, cut so that the black outline is the edge of the finished cut out, for a clean and almost professional look. 

Step 4: Give Your Birds a Face Lift

Make sure all the paint on the jars and lids is dry to the touch. Screw the lid back onto the jar. Now you're all ready to glue your Angry Bird face features — eyes, beak, head feather and tail feather — on to your jar. 

Please note, if you fold the feathers at the dotted line before affixing the cut out to the jar with the glue, the feathers will stand up for more of a 3-D effect.

Step 5: Fill 'Em Up!

Now the best part...fill the jar with your favorite candies and treats. Just be careful; these Angry Birds are HANGRY and may not want to give your goodies back!

This fun, simple craft is not only an easy way to keep kids smiling and busy, but also a great take-home party favor that can be savored long after the party is over and the candy is gone. Plus, it's easy to get more mileage out of this Easy craft to round out your Angry Birds birthday party theme by:

  • Using the cut out eyes, beaks and feathers on colored plates to make faces for decorations, or masks (with the eyes cut out) for the kiddos to pretend play 
  • Using the eyes, beaks and tail feathers, you could glue these on plastic cups in red, blue and yellow to have an easy theme tie in.
  • Again using the eyes, beaks and feather cut outs to tape onto red, blue and yellow balloons for more budget-friendly themed decor.   

We share many more ideas on Pinterest for just about any theme and every occasion !

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