Posh Purple Panther Graduation Party Ideas with Football Focus

Purple and proud. Purple symbolic of graduation from Law School.  Panther Pride. Purple and white school colors party inspiration. 

Whether celebrating your graduate's milestone with his school color or with his school mascot, a purple and white palette set the stage for a posh graduation celebration that truly pops!

No matter what you choose as the primary theme for the big occasion — sports or arts, whimsical or formal, modern or traditional — what will count the most is the time your family and friends will spend together celebrating. So help set the stage with a delicious candy table that helps display the personality of your graduating child!

In its own right, purple is in style and trending at today’s parties, but historically also has roots in being associated with royalty and regal decor. Further, it commonly is symbolic of graduation from law school. Choosing this color, especially in bright, bold purple shades, is a way to bring a classy-but-modern feel to any party theme. In particular, setting the stage for the party of a lifetime — your son’s graduation party — purple really will pack the right punch of WOW. 

Choosing candy was simple when we visited the Bulk Candy page and viewed by color for purple, then white. Since the school color for our grad of honor was a dark purple, we choose mostly this shade, but added in some shimmering lavender hued Sixlets to mix with shimmering white Sixlets to help our numbered candy displaying his graduation year become more eye catching. The number trays were found on Amazon for approximately $8 each.  

To give the sweets choices a nice balance of elegance and fun, we also included the Jelly Belly Champagne Bubble Gumdrops (pictured below left). These were a definite favorite of our guests both young and old. 

Since our guest of honor played football throughout high school, we wanted to showcase his purple panther passion at his grad party. So, we used his mini mascot helmet as prop in our table décor, as well as one of his Panther T-shirts in a metallic frame to give it the touch of pizzazz needed to dress it up, and to further tie in our Panthers mascot party theme. Purple megaphones doubled as a container for the swirl lollipops and plastic pom-poms became a simple accent to adorn our table skirt. 

The purple table draping was a cheap plastic tablecloth gathered in the middle and held together with safety pins hiding under the gathers. Further we found a shimmering silver tablecloth on Amazon and used this to class up the candy table (pun intended!), and kept the backdrop a simple, silver drape to balance all the bold purple décor.  

All of the glassware on the table, as well as the purple frame that displayed his favorite Panthers T-shirt, were all found at local thrift stores to keep within our budget and be able to spend the majority on sweets instead of the display for them. 

Graduation is really a once-in-a-lifetime event, so we wanted to make sure we did something extra special and memorable to fit the occasion. The candy buffet certainly fit the grandeur of the occasion without breaking our budget. Our graduate and his friends enjoyed choosing their own treats, as did our family, neighbors and friends who came to celebrate this special milestone with us. The purple and white candy buffet was such a success. Best of all, it was so simple to set up, but looked like the work of a professional party planner instead of “just” mom and grandma. 

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