An Emoji Graduation Party That Guarantees ALL the Feels!

created by Thrifty Occasions

Whether your child is 8 or 18, an Emoji Theme Graduation Party is guaranteed to bring on the smiles. And how could you not grin when looking at the cute emojis that nearly scream for you to have a nice day? So, celebrating the big day is sure to become trendsetting when your party theme is emoji graduation! 

Fun, expressive, and on trend... emojis are perfect as a graduation party theme, or for school colors of yellow and black. These smiley faces are just as perfect for any cool parent who wants their graduating senior (or middle schooler, or preschooler) to have a party that is sure to show that they are best in class when it comes to fun. Plus, an emoji party is fun and easy to pull off with little effort (though it surely will look like you put in tons of effort)

Emoji icons are used as often as some words by tweens, teens, and — let's face it — even some adults. Having this cultural icon (so to speak) at the center of your grad party theme is sure to bring on plenty of smiles, grins and LOLs. :) 

The yellow and black pairing naturally creates a visually-appealing palette. And using red as an accent as we did with this party set up, paints a vivid, bold sweets table that will catch anyone's eye and make every guest grin. And, really, there couldn't be a more appropriate theme idea for today's text-obsessed generation. 

We started our candy table with a simple white sheet as the tablecloth with another as the backdrop. A black plastic table skirt ordered from Amazon finished the table base. After some thrifting around town, we sourced emoji glassware, a funky emoji garland, cute stuffed emojis that we decided to use in our backdrop, and plenty of plain glassware to hold candy. The little emoji balloons were found at our dollar store.  

Prior to the party, we found a couple of small bowls and a giant coffee mug that all featured a bright yellow smiling emoji face, perfect for our party theme. We picked up the paper cap for the mug and the emoji plates for our lunch food, and to decorate the front of our dessert table from Wholesale Party Supplies. To keep costs cheap, but give our table a more finished look, we purchased emoji plates and taped a few to the plastic tablecloth at the base of the table. 

Choosing bright yellow, vivid red, and black candy was simple since we looked at Candy By Color in Bulk Candy. We tried to use a mix of jelly beans, chocolates, fruit flavors, lollipops, and cupcakes to have a little something sweet for everyone who joined our celebration. The milk chocolate circles wrapped in smiley face foil was the perfect touch to compliment our theme. Did you notice the Smarties in the jar behind the center emoji? Seems fitting, huh?

By the way, the silly banana candies were a guest favorite! 

The guests had a lot of fun with the lighthearted and trendy party theme. And I know our graduate guest of honor was so excited to have a party that was modern and not the traditional, commonplace school color grad parties most of his friends were having. Graduation is such a major milestone, so we're so glad the emojis brought additional smiles beyond the ones he had when he was handed his diploma. 

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