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Our Process

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It all starts when you select one of our over



When you shop with the largest online retailer of personalized Christmas ornaments, the first step is choosing which ornaments and gifts you want to order.

Nearly everything we sell at OrnamentShop.com can be personalized with a custom message, making it easy for you to give your friends and family members a unique, meaningful present they’ll cherish and enjoy through the years.

After you select your ornaments, tell us how you want them personalized, and place your order. Our team will take it from there!


Our team receives your OrnamentShop.com order.

Once your order is placed, it’s automatically printed and posted to our internal website, which can only be viewed by Ornament Shop employees. This gives the eight team members who will work on your order access to the information they need to complete it as you’ve requested.


Pulling and personalizing your OrnamentShop.com order.

Next, a member of our pulling team selects your ornaments, personally checking that each item precisely matches the one you ordered.

It’s then delivered to one of our skilled personalizers who will hand-write the recipient’s name, a special greeting, or the message you requested we write on the ornament.


Proofing and quality assurance for your OrnamentShop.com order.

After we hand-write your message on each personalized ornament or gift, we pass it over to our proofing department, where it will be inspected one last time to ensure you get exactly what you ordered.

The proofing department triple-checks each ornament for correct spelling and color, serving as our last line of product quality control.

This not only insures you get the item you requested, but also that our team’s work meets our high standards, and that each item leaves our warehouse in perfect condition.


Packing and shipping your OrnamentShop.com order.

Almost done! Finally, our shipping department packs each ornament and prepares it to be sent out.

We do everything we can to ensure every order reaches its recipient safe and sound, which is why we always use softly corrugated material, along with tissue paper to pack our ornaments. The extra care we put into our shipping process helps your order reach its destination in the same condition it leaves our shop.


OrnamentShop.com Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s our attention to detail and commitment to quality that makes it easy for us to offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to all of our shoppers.

That said, if there ever is a problem with your order, we want to make it right. We will happily replace all ornaments if we’ve misspelled names (provided you spelled them correctly for us) and ornaments broken in shipment (as careful as we are, this may still happen from time to time).

Not only do we want you to refer

your friends and shop with us again;

we also want to know you’re completely satisfied

with your OrnamentShop.com purchase.

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