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Our Sweet Beginnings

Innovation has shaped us from the beginning.

When Ed Carson became a grandparent in 1993, he wanted something different than handing out cigars to celebrate his granddaughter's birth. Fortunately, Ed spotted a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar and thought to himself "HERE SHE IS." 

Equipped with a computer, desktop printer and great imagination, Ed fashioned a pink wrapper proclaiming "HERESHEIS" and placed it around a HERSHEY'S chocolate bar. He included granddaughter Elise's name, weight and date of birth. At the hospital, the nurses loved them so much, Ed needed to print more. Soon after Elise was born, so was a company that would change the party favor landscape forever. 

Ed retired from his job in sales, and began creating wrappers in his home basement. He promoted the chocolate birth announcements in local Cincinnati area hospital gift shops, and eventually began sending to new mothers throughout the U.S. samples of HERESHEIS and HEREHEIS candy bars. Carson Enterprises soon became known as “Wrapped Hershey’s Candy”.

Ed struck a deal with Homestead Inc., the trademark management subsidiary of the Hershey Foods Corporation, to remove any potential conflict over the use of the terms HERESHEIS, HEREHEIS and HERETHEYARE. 

Ed fully retired when he sold the company in 2003, and it became known as “WH Candy”. 

Today WH Candy is owned by Steve Mandell, another innovator and entrepreneur who has changed the way we celebrate. Steve, who bought the company in August 2016 with the vision to greatly expand its sweet offerings, founded the Party City retail stores around the same time Ed founded what today is WH Candy. As an expert in the celebrations business, Steve is broadening and expanding the WH Candy business to include more varieties of candy and favors for every special occasion, new personalized favor items, bulk candy for candy buffets and events, gift items, and more. 

Since its foundation, WH Candy has sold over 100 million personalized HERSHEY'S chocolate bar wrappers.

founder Ed Carson and Granddaughter Elise

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